OneBookShelf operates digital download marketplaces focused on several publishing areas like roleplaying games, comic books, and environmental resources for green living. We also serve as a service-provider partner for content holders looking to set-up their own digital download e-commerce solutions. We work with over 600 publishers delivering over 18,000 different titles to hundreds of thousands of customers.



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Let OneBookShelf put your electronic gaming products in front of the widest possible audience. DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and all of our affiliated stores represent the largest online sales venue for roleplaying games in the world.

 We are delighted that you are considering a partnership with us to sell your creative output. Just follow the easy steps below and we will have you up and running very shortly. If you have any questions not answered here, you can email Matt at

Here is how selling through DriveThruRPG and RPGNow works:

  • You sign up as a Publisher Partner (details below).
  • You upload your products in PDF or other file format to our secure server, along with descriptions and cover thumbnail graphics. They appear as part of the searchable online catalog. (We expect all products to adhere to certain basic quality standards to protect the reputation of the site - you'll get guidelines when you sign up.)
  • Customers can shop for and purchase your products using our secure and efficient online store system. We take their payment and send them a download link. Details of transactions appear in various real-time reporting tools available to you via your publisher account on site.
  • You earn a royalty of 70% if you are exclusive to our marketplaces or 65% if you choose to be non-exclusive and sell through other online stores. Our share of revenue covers our server upkeep, bandwidth, payment processing, marketing and customer service.
  • We send you a payment for each month's sales by check or Paypal by the 15th of the following month. To keep check processing economical we have a minimum check payment threshold of $100: if your earnings are less than that they're carried over to the following month.

How to Become a Publisher Partner with OneBookShelf:

1. Create a customer account on This account will apply to all stores operating on the OneBookShelf RPG network. Make sure you remember which e-mail address you use for setting up your account, as it will be important in Step 4. We highly recommend you use whatever e-mail address you normally use for your business correspondence.

Take the opportunity to look around and see how it all works from a customer's point of view. Try downloading a title - you can probably find something you're interested in, even if it's a small free product.

2. We have a simple agreement to list the terms of business. Just click these links and check out the publisher agreement or the non-exclusive agreement. Please sign the agreement and email a scan to If all is in order, we will email back with confirmation.

3. When you send in your agreement, also please email with all of the following:

  1. The e-mail address you used to sign up for your customer account.
  2. Your company name as it should appear to customers on site, so that we can attach that info to your accounts. As well, please provide a company web site URL if you have one.
  3. Information on how and where you would like us to pay you - payable by check (to whom and what address?) or by Paypal (what Paypal e-mail?)
  4. A company logo to be attached to your categories and publisher account. Please limit this to 175 pixels wide or less, JPG or GIF format.
  5. (Optional) If you'd like to participate in our private ePublisher forum discussions, which include up-to-the-date news for publishers, and marketing, creative, and general help from our other publishers and staff, sign up at Send us your forum username so we can set access for the private ePublisher forums, located here.

Accessing Your Publisher Menu

After we receive your agreement and information, we will then notify you when we have activated your publisher account. Once your publisher account is activated, when you log in to your customer account and visit the My Account link (in the upper right corner of the site) you will see your publisher menu below the normal customer account options.

My Account Image

With access to your publisher menu, you may then begin adding products to the marketplace. See the Enter a new product" option under the PRODUCT area of your publisher menu.

.RPG Publisher Menu

Once you're activated, we encourage you to spend some time with the various options you have in the Publisher Tools menu. There are six sections - Products, Promotion, Accounting, Sales Reports, Print and Help.

In Products, you can upload and edit your company's offerings in the store. You can also create special bundles that offer sets of products at special prices (and you can even partner with other companies to create bundles of complimentary products). You can also create additional marketing elements, such as using footers that suggest other products a purchaser might like or creating visual previews of your products.

In Promotion, you will have the ability to create special newsletter offers that go out to the customer base; send Complimentary Copies to reviewers; and place free promotional notices and banners on the marketplace.

In Accounting, you will find all the necessary tools to analyze your payments history, adjust your method of payment and other useful options for managing the financial part of your business with us.

In Sales Reports, you will be able to run the detailed reports you need to really look at your product lines and make good decisions about them, and where to go next.

In Print, you can make your titles available for sale in print a well as download sale. Titles are printed as customers order them so there is no cost to you, just extra revenue.

Of course, the Help section helps you find what you need with a click to make your job that much easier as a Publisher Partner with OneBookShelf.

Introduction Video If you would like more information on the publisher menu, below is a short screen video to introduce you to more of its features.

Promote Your Titles

Below are some banner images that you can use to establish links to us on your own web site. Banners in non-English languages are available from your publisher menu.


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As always, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to drop a line to We are only too glad to do whatever we can to assist you in making money doing what you love.