OneBookShelf operates digital download marketplaces focused on several publishing areas like roleplaying games, comic books, and environmental resources for green living. We also serve as a service-provider partner for content holders looking to set-up their own digital download e-commerce solutions. We work with over 600 publishers delivering over 18,000 different titles to hundreds of thousands of customers.



"OneBookShelf is great. They're easy to work with, helpful, and they send their checks on time."

 Phil and Kaja Foglio, Creators of Girl Genius

"I continue to have great customer service from OneBookShelf, not only in resolving problems, but also in thinking of new ways to grow and market our alternative publishing business. We continue to see great revenue from new and old PDF titles. I highly recommend the OneBookShelf team."

 Eddy Webb, CCP/White Wolf Publishing

"OneBookShelf is a dependable partner, with an extremely helpful staff and reliable service."

Gareth-Michael Skarka, Adamant Entertainment

"OneBookShelf has proven to be a reliable source of additional sales.  Payments are always on time.  I could not ask for more in the way of cooperation or in assistance in selling even out-of-print titles."

Scott Bizar, Fantasy Games Unlimited

"I am pleased to share my experience using OneBookshelf as our exclusive online sales partner. If you are looking to establish a profitable online presence for your product, I cannot recommend OBS strongly enough. I am consistently impressed with the comprehensive list of services OBS provides, services which allow us more time to focus on the creation of our products and running our company. OBS's extensive marketing efforts have played a major role in significant growth of our online sales, and they have an understanding of the market like few others. 

 After eighteen years in the publishing industry, I have learned the importance of working with quality business partners and the relationships you build with them. These relationships are built over time and are based on service, trust and loyalty. The level of these qualities OBS has shown to their publishing partners is unparalleled. 

In sum, OBS is an excellent business partner that will be an incredible asset to your company for years to come."

Thomas A. Tullis, Fat Dragon Games













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