OneBookShelf operates digital download marketplaces focused on several publishing areas like roleplaying games, comic books, and environmental resources for green living. We also serve as a service-provider partner for content holders looking to set-up their own digital download e-commerce solutions. We work with over 600 publishers delivering over 18,000 different titles to hundreds of thousands of customers.



OneBookShelf rolls out its print program, allowing publishers to offer their titles in print. Books are printed on demand and delviered as customers order them.

MindsetTriathlon welcomes Athlinks, Trifuel and MTBR as community site partners.

Wargame Vault, a digital marketplace for wargaming products goes live.

[OneBookShelf welcomes Carrie Kerr and Sandra Lefever to its team.

[OneBookShelf finishes another year with a record amount of royalties earned for its publisher clients


About Us

OneBookShelf began operations in 2001 when we opened RPGNow, our first digital download marketplace. Our founders brought their experience in publishing, retailing and programming together with these goals in mind:

  • Help publishers and creators increase their profits by selling their content as digital downloads.

  • Provide customers with the best possible combination of selection, convenience and price through marketplaces focused on their interests.

  • Continuously improve our marketplace site code to more effectively unite publishers and customers.

We have continued to make progress on those goals. We work with over 600 publishers, helping them make millions of dollars in royalties from download sales each year. We take the obstacles out of the process so publishers can realize a new revenue source from their content. Publishers simply supply us with electronic files or hardcopies (of older works where files are unavailable) and we do the rest.

We continue to create and launch focused marketplaces in areas as diverse as comic books, green living resources, sports training resources, and game books, providing customers with instant access to thousands of selections in their area of interest. With each of our marketplaces, our goal is to bring all publishers' content together in one place. By giving customers a one-stop shopping point for their area of interest, we create a destination site for their interest area.

Our marketplace code now has over twelve  years of programming work invested in it, so that it provides a more complete e-commerce platform for publishers to track and manage their download sales and for customers to easily find selections of interest. Our marketplace code offers our publisher partners dozens of tools they can use as much or as little as they prefer to manage their download sales. We have real-time sales and royalty reporting, instant royalty pay-out, freelancer royalty management, complete control over your product listings, marketing tools to promote your titles and dozens of other tools.

In addition to creating marketplaces, we also work with publishers to create self-branded digital download stores dedicated to the publishers' product lines. We work behind-the-scenes as a solution provider, operating any or all aspects of the download store on behalf of the publisher.

Digital downloads have become an important part of distributing content. If you have content you would like to share with a wider audience of customers, we invite you to contact us about joining one of our marketplaces. Just click on here for more information.